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Modica Chocolate

Modica Chocolate

Going back to the origins of Modica chocolate is not easy at all, also because of the city’s troubled history, which has seen many different peoples, many cultures in past centuries.

However, it is believed that it was the Spaniards who introduced this particular cocoa processing to Sicily in the 16th century. At that time the Spanish crown, in fact, dominated the Sicily island and what, at the time, was the County of Modica, one of the most important fiefdoms in all of southern Italy, born in 1296.

The recipe, however, was not Spanish but had been brought directly from the Americas, in particular by the Aztecs, who inhabited the territory of present-day Mexico.

Similar work is found not by chance in Spain and in some communities in Mexico and Guatemala. Before becoming a popular product and known throughout the world, this particular chocolate was prepared by the noble families who used it in celebrating important events.

The “cold” preparation of Modica chocolate (still worked today as the ancient Maya did), keeps the qualities of cocoa, its nutritional values ​​and its components such as flavonoids, powerful antioxidants, highly concentrated here.

This peculiarity allows the Modica chocolate to help the vasodilation preventing oxidative stress at the level of the blood vessels.

The artisan chocolate of Modica PGI is the only one in Europe that is protected by a quality brand. Only in this corner of Sicily the ritual of cold milling of the best cocoa beans is still preserved and renewed, for a taste that smacks of history and memory.

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