Project Description



The truffle is an hypogeum fungus that has always been appreciated for its goodness and preciousness at the table.

Appearing on our planet most probably over one hundred million years ago, it is mentioned for the first time by the Babylonians (3700 BC) and is appreciated both by the civilization of ancient Greece and by the Romans.

Thanks to its precious aroma and its ability to give the dishes not only perfume but also flavour, the truffle represents today one of the most celebrated and sought-after gastronomic delicacies, with a unique and unmistakable taste.

Our products are prepared in total and most complete respect for nature, using only carefully selected raw materials of excellent quality, extra virgin olive oil of Italian origin and of course the best truffles, without adding any kind of preservative, dye or chemical additive.

The use of modern and reliable technologies throughout the manufacturing process ensures control and compliance with the highest quality standards that ITALIAishere imposes at every moment of production, from harvesting to packaging.

For this reason, every single product always preserves all the perfume and the goodness of genuine and natural things and makes each tasting a unique experience, an adventure for the mind and the senses.

Let yourself be tempted and immerse yourself in this sensory paradise.


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