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The origins of Wine are so ancient that they sink into legend.

Some of them trace the origin of the vine up to Adam and Eve, stating that the forbidden fruit of the earthly Paradise was the succulent Grape and not the anonymous Apple.
Others tell of Noah that, having invented the Wine, he thought of saving the Vine from the universal flood reserving it a safe place in his Ark.

Coming to more recent times, many say that the vine originates from India, and that from here, in the third millennium BC, it first spread to Asia and later to the Mediterranean basin.

The acidity, the presence of alcohol, the presence of tannins, are characteristic that make the Wine a healthy drink for humans provided that it is taken in moderate quantities.

Medical studies show that moderate wine consumption has positive effects on the cardiovascular system by reducing the risk of heart disease.

The reason is still not entirely clear but, according to some, this is due to the presence of small quantities of substances with hypocholesterinizing properties that originate from the tannins contained in red wines.

ITALIAishere, with patience and attention, has selected for you some of the most important wines that represent the flagship of the offered products.

All you have to do is taste them …


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